3 reasons to choose INDUCTION® 

The difference between a common machine for induction heating and an Induction ® machine is not only in technology or reliability, but most of all in the professional services supplied to all our Customers. They range from specific consultancy, to the functionality of constructive details, to Customer support, both in the proposal phase and in after-sales assistance. 

Qualified technical consultancy during the design phase 

30 years of experience in the induction heating sector make the Induction® design staff definitely the most qualified partner for collaborating in the design of new production line lay-outs. An accurate feasibility study allows the best solution for the Customer’s specific problem. An analysis of the system’s production costs and operative profitability is also supplied, in order to optimize all operative decisions in the design phase.


Accurate technological construction 

Induction® systems are all equipped with static frequency converters, served by their related inductors, internally designed and built. The systems’ high electrical efficiency has allowed to reach high values of thermal efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption in equal production conditions. Modular construction, together with the use of technologically advanced components, allows to obtain excellent reliability, even in the most extreme working conditions, considerably simplifying maintenance operations as well. 

Efficient after-sales technical organization 

To assure continuous Induction® machine operation, our technical service center can be reached with a simple phone call. 
The intervention will be timely carried out by our zone agent or, if necessary, directly from our site thanks to a qualified technician sent within 24 hours, or through immediate remote assistance via modem. This guarantees fast intervention and professional service.

More and more often, the induction heating system is incorporated in work stations that require advanced automation for total process control. For this reason, Induction can integrate its delivery with man-machine interfaces from the most simple to the most complex, both in PLC environments or PC systems. 

Usually, systems for production supervision or assistance are able to memorize work parameters, visualize operational data, transmit warning messages, transfer information to other automation levels, historicize process data, allow remote assistance, etc. 

Furthermore, in the design phase, Induction’s professional service helps the Customer with integrating the electro-thermal system within his own automated system, allowing to reach excellent levels of control and diagnostic interfacing.

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The electro-thermal application is mainly characterized by heating power density per unit of volume that is unrepeatable with any other industrial process. This is why induction systems are usually equipped with efficient closed-circuit cooling systems that allow to maintain a thermal condition of electronic components that preserve average duration. 

Maintaining high quality standards with regards to this apparently insignificant detail makes Induction a solid industrial company respected at an international level.


gruppo scambiatoregruppo scambiatoriGruppo scambiatorirafreddamento

It is the component that’s directly in contact with the heated material, and therefore can be easily associated to the classic idea of a furnace. The inductors created by Induction guarantee the best performance regarding heating quality. They fully comply with project specifications, and also accomplish mechanical support and anti-collision functions for refractory material, containment functions for atmospheric gases, or special solutions to satisfy specific needs. 

Experience, along with the use of specific calculation software, allows to design quality inductors with different shapes, dimensions and characteristics, responding to specific needs and different applications.



The mechanical component of Induction systems is usually an important component in the creation of an industrial level electro-thermal process of any type. Once the necessary automation is reached, the management of treated parts is often required, depending on the application or the heating method. 

The application of induction heating may cover the most diverse needs, so the mechanical components may be required for continuously or intermittently loading - unloading, for the management of part storage, etc. 
The heating system often requires mechanics that are extremely complex, even more than the electro-thermal component. 

The selection of the most appropriate mechanics for each application is always backed by specific know-how and experience. This makes Induction the ideal partner, as demonstrated by the numerous references that go from the steelworks sector, to forging, to superficial treating, to coating, etc. 

Induction’s experience always allows perfect integration between mechanics and the electro-thermal heating system, with consequent satisfaction of process specifications that often impose strong design constraints. Furthermore, it’s possible to integrate the initial offering with a wide range of accessories that increase the added value of the supply, helping to satisfy particular Customer needs, or supporting them in the use of an unknown technology.


caricatoremeccanicarotazione tubomeccanica

Induction converters are medium frequency static generators, applied to series or parallel resonant circuits, whose use allows heating though magnetic coupling. grafico frequenze

In spite of different circuit solutions, Induction converter performance is assured by continuously updating projects for the tuning of new constructive solutions.

Furthermore, the development of control and adjustment power components is in continuous evolution, while all applications are compliant with the norms in force in the area of machine directives.  

SCR Generator Type IMP Series Circuit 
3÷600Kw 1÷10KHz 
The main characteristic of this series of converters is their flexibility of use, since they are able to operate in extremely different load conditions; a constant electrical value of Cos=0,94 in all work conditions is also guaranteed. 
SCR Generator Type IMF Parallel Circuit 
3÷10.000Kw 1÷10KHz 
The high electrical efficiency of the components used guarantees excellent results even where power values are significant. The possibility of building heating systems of up to 10MW in a "single unit" allows to obtain great efficiency, considering its importance in the line’s economy of use. 
TRANSISTOR Generator type IHF Parallel Circuit 
3÷1.000 kW 10÷400KHz 
The standard range of Mos-Fet parallel circuit generators practically covers almost all applications that are currently built with high frequency machines. If necessary, generators with special power or frequency values can be designed and built.