Induction Heating Equipments has been working in the induction heating sector for over thirty years, and its clear vision of both national and international markets has allowed the company to gain a solid reputation. commercial office


Induction Customers can benefit from the company’s professionalism when asking for innovative systems, products and solutions that fully respond to project specifications.

Induction’s long-term experience in the industrial field is a common asset shared within the company, and guarantees the maximum level of quality towards the Customer. 

The personalization of Induction systems, together with Customer interaction, assures an enduring relationship over time, and professional service during the product’s entire lifecycle.

Induction’s main objective is the application and development of innovative solutions in medium and high frequency induction heating, allowing maximum system reliability together with high technological content.

The standard production of Induction systems has been therefore enriched with the construction of prototype systems that express our growth in the direction of applied research, and that allow to develop innovative solutions in the induction heating sector.



Induction Heating Equipments is a medium-sized industrial company structured for reaching all objectives with the utmost efficiency, where complete Customer satisfaction is the first requirement of the deployment and integration of all of the structure’s activities. 

Induction is organized to follow the Customer step-by-

step, from process conception to system tuning. In order to furnish an integrated “turn-key” service, Induction is organized with an efficient technical service center for optimizing the Customer’s return on investment. 

Induction has a stratified structure that allows to define collaboration strategies and responsibilities between different company functions. Furthermore, since production consists of various phases, internal organization permits to unequivocally identify the right interlocutor for each specific subject. 

Technical equipment is complete, and allows to satisfy almost all the needs for building quality machines fully compliant with agreed characteristics and performance.


In order to reach management objectives, the structure has been enlarged and reorganized. Production activities occupy a surface of 3000 m2, and are divided in the following sectors: 

Mechanics workshop, for the creation and assembly of structural work and movement and management mechanisms; 

Inductor workshop, , for the creation and assembly of electro-thermal parts; 

Control Panel workshops, , for electrical, electro-thermal, hydraulic, and pneumatic machine cabling; 

Testing, of electro-thermal and mechatronic parts; 

Warehouse, , for supporting production and spare parts management; 

Design and production support Office, ; marketing and administration offices; management offices.



The goals set by Induction push the entire company towards innovation and the continuous improvement of its products, in the areas of power and control electronics, movement and management mechatronics, and electro-thermal application. 

The search for efficiency is a company characteristic that lets Induction correctly respond with great flexibility to any internal or external need.